The Advent
(Kombination Research)
Face-melting Techno and Electro from the cosmic grandmaster
Cisco Ferriera aka The Advent has been cranking out futuristic Electro, Techno, and House since the 80s. His fast and funky style is both iconic and inimitable, making him a staple in many DJ’s record collections. There’s no professional or arty way to say it: his discography is insane and he’s a total bad ass. We are extremely grateful to host him at The Great Beyond.
Heightened-state Techno for the morning hours
He’s spent the last couple decades finding the psychedelic common ground between house and techno. The result is the perfect soundtrack for when you can’t really form a coherent sentence, but your feet still kinda work...or at least you’re convinced they do.
(AUS Music)
Classic House with a Modern Twist
Multi-talented DJ, producer, record label owner, record store owner, mother. If you’re looking for a strong, independent female voice in the 2020s, look no further!
(Summerpup Records)
Where purist techno and rave converges
D.Dan has made quite a name for himself over the past few years. Many flirt with faster tempo techno and rave nuances, but few can pull it off as perfectly as D.Dan can.
DJ Nobu
(Bitta Records)
Mesmerizing Techno from one of the best
One of Japan’s best talents lands in Farmland USA for a lesson in hypnotic techno. Essential viewing for anyone who finds themselves closing their eyes and drifting away on the dancefloor.
(Strength Music Recordings)
Mind-bending music from the House and Techno intersect
Qu has a cult following among dance music’s finest collectors. What makes his tracks so unique? DJ Qu is a dancer that makes music for dancers.
Dustin Zahn
Pulsating Techno tales from the abyss
His marathon sets are built upon waves of mental workouts and shameless quirky hypnogrooves. For those still standing, embrace the void! See you at the bottom.
A self-described “Beats & Rhythms” addict
You wanted him, you got him! The hometown hero joins us for another late-night Techno beatdown.
(Interdimensional Transmissions)
Tripped out Transmissions from Detroit
If you’re going to take exploration in the metaphysical seriously, you gotta call on Erika. Her signature blend of Techno, breaks, and experimental will launch you right into void.
Spaced-out minimalistic Techno
Depending on who you ask, some call him Hyper. Some call him Jojo. But to all, he’s a midwest powerhouse that has been a fan-favorite around the world for decades. For us, he’s headlining even when he’s not in the booth.
Hypoxia *Live*
(Bl_k Noise)
Meditative drone music from Drumcell
Live improvisations of melancholic pieces that are as equally haunting as they are beautiful. A must for modular fans.
House music for the headstrong
Unter-resident Juana’s diverse DJ sets navigate the murky waters between house and techno with perfection. Those who know can’t wait to see her, and those who don’t are about to have a new favorite DJ.
Lindsey Herbert
(Direct to Earth)
Relentless awe-inspiring Techno
Lindsey’s set was a favorite on the Communion stage last year. This year, she’s back on the mainstage with an arsenal of her own new productions.
Marijuana Deathsquads
(Totally Gross)
Honestly, we don’t know
In 2021 they stole our hearts and drank our booze, so we invited them back.
Squads is a revolving supergroup of Minneapolis’ best or worst bands, depending on who you ask. It’s going to be wild, so make sure you bring sunglasses and bail money.
(We Are Monsters)
Genre-defying psychedelia
Mozhgan has built a following across the country with her perfected blend of trippy dancefloor vibes. Spend your sunrise soundtracked to everything from proto-house to disco, and slow-mo jams.
Myles Sergé
(Calder City Development Corp.)
Deep techno from the man aka Translate
Myles’ deeper take on Techno has brought him all over the world, but not so much in his own country. That’s a damn shame, so we’re here to fix that. See what America is missing out on!
(Sweat Equity NYC)
Canadian techno sorceress
Overland’s set for Distant Future was a hit. She’s back in person and she’s kicking things off Saturday night with her own uniquely eclectic vibe.
(RAM Records)
Futuristic jungle rollers aimed straight for the dancefloor
Through a montage of releases on record labels ranging from Get Hype, to Viper Recordings, and Ram Recordings, Replicant has showcased a modern approach to drum and bass sound design while maintaining a hardcore junglist's ode to the past.
Rrose *Live*
Minimalist Composition with Voodoo Techno Spirit
Rrose was basically writing the soundtrack to late nights at The Great Beyond a decade before it was conceptualized. In a way, we started this party to host artists like them.
Wata Igarashi
(Bunker NY)
Psychedelic techno shaman
Wata’s performances are a voyage through the halls of mental techno. If you have been lucky enough to catch one, you will understand why he will be closing out our journey into The Great Beyond for 2022.
Amy Warehouse, Berndt, Christian James, Cory Simpson, Detroit Techno Militia 2x4, Heckadecimal *Live*, Henry Chow, Holden Federico, Lonefront *Live*, JX-216, Max Gardner, Niki Kitz, Project 313, Rubidium, Ryote, ~~ (tildetilde)
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