Mesmerizing & driving Techno from one of Europe’s finest
Hailing from Berlin, Amotik’s driving, hypnotizing sound is the perfect soundtrack for anybody seeing sounds and hearing colors. If ‘heads down’ Techno is your jam, well look no further fella.
Aurora Halal
(Mutual Dreaming)
Hypnotic dream-state inducing Techno
Her sets are unapologetically heavy on euphoria and melody. Whether you’re on the dance floor or listening from your tent, her dreamy sunrise set is sure to be the perfect soundtrack for Friday night’s afterglow.
Carlos Souffront
(The Bunker NY)
“If you want to book somebody who is the real deal, you book Carlos Souffront.” -Derek Plaslaiko
His reputation for crate digging and deep selections is the stuff of legends. He will be playing two sets this weekend: closing out the main stage on Saturday morning, followed by an ambient set at the Kajunga Stage Saturday night.
Heightened-state Techno for the morning hours
He’s spent the last couple decades finding the psychedelic common ground between house and techno. The result is the perfect soundtrack for when you can’t really form a coherent sentence, but your feet still kinda work...or at least you’re convinced they do.
Danny Daze
Breakin' since 1997
On top of rumors stating he’s the most infamous wedding DJ in Florida, Danny from Miami has been interested in all things breakbeat since the ‘90s. The reality is he’s an ultra-talented multi-genre DJ spanning electro, breaks, house, techno, and more. We decided he’s called Danny Sunrise now. See you Sunday morning!
Top-tier classic purist Techno
Decoder is a young prodigy from Texas that has gained fans among Techno’s finest selectors. The nuances and attention to detail in his music is something you’d typically only find from producers with decades of experience. Naturally, this makes his sound a perfect fit for The Great Beyond. He is part of our “Uncoiled Showcase” on Friday night.
DJ Minx
(Women on Wax)
House music from one of the Motor City’s funkiest
For us, no trip to Detroit is complete without catching one of her uplifting and euphoric DJ sets. At TGB 2023, we are excited to have her start off the house music block on Sunday afternoon at the main stage.
Dustin Zahn
Pulsating Techno tales from the abyss
His marathon sets are built upon waves of mental workouts and shameless quirky grooves. Prepare yourself for a couple hours of equally heady and funky tunes from one of TGB’s co-founders, he's also a hell of a bowler.
(Eerste Communie)
Sci-fi leaning bleepy Techno madness from the UK
For his first tour of the United States, he’ll be joining us alongside labelmates Lonefront and Decoder for their “Uncoiled Records” showcase, taking place in various cities across America. His brand of bleepy stripped down Techno has regularly found its way into the crates of contemporary Techno’s finest DJs.
(Infrastructure NY)
Deep euphoric Techno with old school sensibilities
Over the years, he has held down residencies at numerous clubs ranging from Limelight to Berghain, Bassiani to Tresor, and more. On top of releasing multiple solo albums, he’s also one third of Sandwell District, which is comprised of TGB alumni ‘Silent Servant’ and ‘Regis.’
James Ruskin
Peak-time techno with an experimental tinge
One of the UK legends joins us for a rare appearance. On top of having an absolutely incredible back catalog spanning the gamut from Techno to experimental and even hiphop (as Fear Ratio)...he also runs Blueprint, one of Techno’s most iconic record labels.
Relentless Techno Grooves
Unter-resident Juana’s diverse DJ sets navigate the murky waters between house and techno with perfection. After playing at MTP & TGB last year, she’s back for round 3.
Julia Govor
High caliber Techno with old school sensibilities
Despite playing some no-nonsense upfront techno, Julia’s music comes across with a fresh and modern feel. She killed it at Space Heater, so we’re thrilled to have her out to the big show.
Kangding Ray
Breaky, experimental sound-design focused Techno
Kangding Ray’s music has always rode the fine line between Techno and experimentalism. He refuses to succumb to the unwritten rules and artistic constraints that many modern producers often fall victim to. The result is an excitingly fresh perspective on psychedelic music.
Lonefront *Live*
Live Techno from one of Minneapolis’ best live performers
The Minneapolis-based producer and Intellephunk resident has gone from local favorite to domestic favorite in recent times. This spring will feature an EP on Enemy Records along with the debut of his new label, Uncoiled. In the meantime, check out his recent EP on Kajunga!
Marco Shuttle
(Eerie Records)
Trippy psychedelic grooves from an Italian maestro
When it comes to Techno and tribal grooves, Marco is a master of all things tripped out and stripped down. He has also released on The Bunker NY and Donato Dozzy’s Spazio Disponibile. He’ll be taking over on Sunday evening to show people what The Great Beyond is truly about.
Marijuana Deathsquads
(Totally Gross National Product)
We still don’t know what to call it
By now, you know the drill. When Saturday night’s wall of noise kicks off at sunset, you know you’ve passed the point of no return! Deathsquads is a Minneapolis band with a revolving cast composed of some of the city’s wildest talent.
Mike Parker
(Geophone Recordings)
Techno minimalism reduced to the bare essentials
Mike Parker is a multi-disciplinary artist who has dedicated his life to painting and making music. While most producers go through various sonic phases, Mike has focused obsessively on creating and refining his own sound which is often based purely on a single kick drum and synth line. This is dedication at its finest.
Mystic Bill
(Dark Entries)
House music from a US legend
Bill’s DJ sets have been igniting dance floors for nearly 30 years. His productions still find their way into our sets on a regular basis. He truly is one of the G.O.A.T.s, but unlike the other goats at TGB, you probably shouldn’t pet him.
(Acting Press)
House & Techno fusion from the deepest of crates
PLO Man has gained a reputation for being enigmatic and mysterious, while letting his eclectic mixes do the talking. He also runs Acting Press, a highly-sought after vinyl-only record label with a heavy nod to the most euphoric and vibey moments of 1990s electronic music.
Sub Killaz
Drum N Bass from one of San Diego’s best
Since the debut EP on Liondub in 2016, Sub Killaz’ prolific output on additional labels like Biological and Digital Terror has found their way into the sets of countless DJs. Sub Killaz will be headlining the DNB block at the Communion Stage on Saturday night.
Wata Igarashi
(Midgar Records)
Psychedelic Techno Shaman
Wata’s performances are a voyage through the halls of mental techno. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” His closing set for ‘22 was epic, so we’re doing it again.
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