Camping as a group? Show up as a group.
Camping space is limited. Arriving early will help your chances in camping together.
Arrive during daylight.
Finding a campsite that suits your needs may be tricky, and showing up while it’s still light out is your best bet.
No fires at campsites
There are communal fire pits.
Leave No Trace
That includes cigarette butts, garbage, cups, and cans. There shouldn’t be a single item left behind. Pick up your litter throughout the weekend. Bring a bag of trash to the dumpster on your way to the mainstage. Baby goats live on the property. Think about the baby goats!
Zero tolerance
...for theft, vandalism, or illegal substances.
...for racism, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, and basically any other prejudiced phobia. Anyone caught violating this policy will be removed from the premises immediately...without refund.
There will be no other warnings.
No pets
No Renegade Soundsystems
Respect your neighbors

How do I get out to The Great Beyond?
We offer a roundtrip airport shuttle for up to 56 passengers. It drops off at The Great Beyond and Jackpot Junction Casino. It departs once on Friday afternoon at 4pm from the airport, and arrives Monday morning at 11:30am. Roundtrip shuttle tickets can be purchased for $35 from our ticketing site. For more info, please see the Airport Shuttle section. Renting a car from the airport is the clear luxury option guaranteeing you the most freedom. For those who can’t drive or can’t afford a rental car, we suggest carpooling with other travelers or locals. Try reaching out to others via the Intellephunk Facebook Group Page.
Where can I buy supplies like food and alcohol?
We prefer that attendees attempt to support local stores if possible. There is a small variety of shops located on the way in small towns such as Gibbon, Fairfax, Franklin, and Morton. If you’re all fancy pants, we recommend stopping at food or liquor shops located in the suburbs near the airport.
I’m unable to travel with any camping gear. Can I get gear along the way?
Yes! Here are a couple options:
1. Order gear/equipment online and have it mailed directly to the venue.
The owner has agreed to store any shipments safely and securely indoors. You will be required to show an ID matching the shipping information on packages upon arrival. The venue and The Great Beyond assumes no responsibility for missing or damaged packages. This is not a post office…proceed at your own risk. The address is:
MN River Valley Sanctuary
62657 430th St
Franklin, MN 55333
2. Buy gear/equipment on the way to The Great Beyond.
The Minneapolis/St.Paul airport is located next to the Mall of America. It’s huge, and it has everything from clothes to camping gear. There are a number of other chain stores located in the vicinity of the airport and along the way. As you get further from the city, the options start to dwindle.
Mall of America (next to airport) - L.L. Bean, Fjallraven, The North Face, etc.
REI (Bloomington, MN) - Located 5-10 min from the airport. Specializes in outdoor lifestyles. It’s great but gets expensive quickly.
Fleet Farm (Carver, MN) - Located on the way to TGB (Hwy 212). Has everything and slightly less expensive than options like REI.
I bought all this crap and can’t bring it home with me…
We can donate any lightly used camping gear to various homeless encampments in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. This includes chairs, tents, hammocks, cots, coolers, etc. Again, it’s ok if you leave broken, torn, and dirty but it’s not nice if your donated equipment does! Do not leave your trash with us. You must repack your clean camping gear and place it in the designated area on Sunday or Monday. Thank you in advance for any donations!

Come prepared for 3 days!
We recommend bug spray, bug netting, sun block, flashlights, food, cooler full of ice, and water.
Bring a variety of clothes, extra socks, shoes, and rain gear. Minnesota summers are unpredictable, so be prepared for rain, heat, or maybe even cold weather.
Pro tips: Wet wipes, hand sanitizer, deodorant, mouthwash, tooth brush, soap, condoms, extra masks, portable phone charger, solar chargers, camping chairs, hammocks.
You must bring these items!
Cash. There is no ATM on site.
Photo ID
Ticket. Downloaded or printed tickets since we can’t guarantee you will have cell service on site.
Water Bottle. There is well water on site.
If you're tent camping:
Sleeping bag cot/mattress
Waterproof tent/tarp
RV camping
Please show up as early as you can. If you show up late, be prepared to wait. We do not provide electrical or water hook ups. We do not allow dumping.

Food Trucks (tba)
First Aid / EMT
Friendly security
Vendors and event merch
Drinking water
Handwashing stations & clean porta potties.

Wash stations available.
(BYOB) (No Glass)

The ticket name is not required to match the ID name, but an ID is still required to verify your age. If you’re buying your ticket from a friend or a trusted source, a ticket name change may not be necessary. If you’re not familiar with the ticket seller or concerned about fraud, you can quickly and easily request a name change on the ticket by emailing and giving them the new name and email address.

We highly recommend any official name changes on tickets to avoid issues at the door. We will not admit anyone who’s ticket/QR-code has already been checked-in.
What happens in The Great Beyond stays in The Great Beyond. We do not provide passes to media outlets or photographers. Any features, reviews, and public photos are forbidden without approval. You are still welcome to join us as regular guests!

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4x 215 Custom Kick Boxes
6x TFL 760 mid/high speakers
VOID Incubus System by Champion Sound
Kajunga World
Lights by Antic Studios