Introducing The Great Beyond Airport Shuttle brought to you by Holt Bus Service
Reaching The Great Beyond just became a little easier! We now offer a roundtrip shuttle service that departs directly from Minneapolis/St.Paul International Airport. It was chartered primarily for guests flying in, but it's open to anybody who needs an affordable ride. The shuttle will make a quick stop at the festival gates to offload campers, followed by a final stop at the Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel.
When the festival is over, the shuttle will pick up passengers from both locations and return to the airport.
Tickets are available here.
Please note, seats are limited!
Airport Shuttle Schedule
In short: The shuttle leaves the airport on Friday afternoon at 04:00pm.
The return shuttle should arrive on Monday morning approximately 11:30am.
Friday, July 28
DEPART from MSP Airport:
ARRIVE at The Great Beyond:
ARRIVE at Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel:
06:10 pm
Monday, July 31
DEPART from Jackpot Junction:
DEPART from The Great Beyond:
ARRIVE at MSP Airport
Where is the airport shuttle located?
To reach the shuttle in the Silver Ramp, travelers will take the underground tram from Terminal 1 toward the Red and Blue parking ramps and light rail station. After getting off the tram, follow the signs for rental cars and the transit center. You will need to take an escalator or elevator up one level after entering the building.
The drop off points will be The Great Beyond ticketing gates, and the front door of Jackpot Junction Casino. Return to these points when taking the return shuttle on Monday.
Best Advice for Coordinating Your Flights
Arriving to Minneapolis:
Flying in on Thursday is the safest plan. If Friday is your only option, make sure your flight arrives by 3:00pm (ABSOLUTE LATEST). This gives you an hour to collect your luggage (or make a claim if it doesn't arrive) and locate the silver parking lot. Flight delays are also common, so arriving even earlier is highly recommended. There are two terminals at the airport. Terminal 1 serves regular airlines and most international flights. Terminal 2 mostly serves domestic budget airlines. There's an underground tram that connects the two terminals which takes a few extra minutes. To find out which airline goes to which terminal, click here.
Note for international guests: Going through customs varies in length. Foreigners can expect to be through customs and baggage claim in ~30-45 min on average if they have their story straight. Like any customs situation, that can easily change.
Leaving Minneapolis:
Barring weather or traffic, the shuttle should arrive back to the MSP's silver parking lot at 11:30am. We recommend booking domestic flights no earlier than 12:30pm, and international flights no earlier than 1:30pm. Even with carry-on luggage and web check-ins, any earlier flights are for hardcore gamblers only. If you're flying out of Terminal 2, factor in 5-10 minutes extra for the tram.
The Great Beyond is for savages, the bus is not. The driver and other guests don't have time for your shit. The bus driver is under no obligation to make special requests for any individual. Please arrive ahead of time. If you're not on board when the bus is scheduled to leave, it will leave without you.
Tell me about this bus!
It's a 55 passenger bus chartered via Jefferson Lines. The company provides safe and reliable drivers. The journey is approximately 1:40 to the gates of The Great Beyond. Jackpot Junction is an additional 20 minutes further. There are no assigned seats. It is first-come, first-serve.
Will there be any stops?
No. Please don't ask for one either. Due to the short distance, there will be no pit-stops or smoke breaks. There's a toilet on board, and you can buy ice at the campground or in the hotel.
What do I need to show to get on the bus?
You'll just need your ticket in-hand (paper or electronic). ID is not required and name doesn't need to match. If you bought the ticket from a stranger, we recommend requesting a name change by emailing The Ticketing Co. website. They will do this free of charge
What can I bring on the bus?
Bring whatever you need to get through the weekend. There is space for your luggage. If it makes it on the plane, it can make it on the bus. Ideally, bigger items such as large coolers, folding tables, large tents should be sent along with friends in another vehicle. If something is illegal, you can't bring it on the bus. Unfortunately, Minnesota is not a recreational state yet, so that means weed too, Cheech.
Ok, but can I bring alcohol on the bus?
Yes, but it has to remain packed away. No open containers are allowed. It's two hours, you'll live.
I'm running late. Will the bus wait for me?
No. It will depart on schedule and leave without anybody who didn't arrive in time. If you're worried about missing the bus due to flight delays or traffic, please prepare in advance.
Bus tickets are 'round trip' only. What happens if I miss a leg of the journey?
Your seat belongs to your ticket, both ways. If you miss the first leg on Friday, you still have a ride back to the airport on Monday. You'll be responsible for organizing another ride to The Great Beyond. We won't refund any portion of the ticket, and we won't pay for your new travel expenses. We heard an Uber trip was quoted to be $140+, so don't miss the bus.
Can I sell/donate my seat reservation to someone else?
Yes. The person must have a ticket in hand (paper or electronic). Buyers: if you don't know the seller, the ticketing website offers a name change service free of charge. The seller just needs to email them and the change. If you leave festival early or find a different ride, you are welcome to give your return trip seat to someone else.
I'm arriving Thursday and I've never been to Minneapolis. Please help!
The airport is roughly 20 minutes from Downtown Minneapolis. Hotels downtown are generally more expensive but the restaurant options are better. Hotels near the airport are cheaper. If you want just want "easy," stay near the airport. The Mall of America is right next door and can be accessed via the Light Rail train from the airport. You can find plenty of food, drinks, stock up on gear, or just marvel at the complete absurdity of it all.
I have a bluetooth speaker and I'd like to...
No. We love you, but don't turn it on. Ever. That goes for speakerphone and singing, too.