(Bunker NY)
Psychedelic sound-design inspired techno from deep within the void
Her careful consideration for sonic aesthetic and affection for heavy, minimalistic drums is guaranteed to be one hell of a mental journey. The crazy part? A lot of it comes from machines she has built herself. Talk about DIY!
Aurora Halal
(Mutual Dreaming)
Hypnotic dreamstate-inducing Techno
Her sets are unapologetically heavy on euphoria and melody. Whether you’re on the dance floor or listening from your tent, her dreamy sunrise set is sure to be the perfect soundtrack for Saturday night’s afterglow.
Heightened-state Techno for the morning hours
He’s spent the last couple decades finding the psychedelic common ground between house and techno. The result is the perfect soundtrack for when you can’t really form a coherent sentence, but your feet still kinda work...or at least you’re convinced they do.
Nihilistic peak-time Techno with no compromises
You can’t have a Techno campout without a swift kick in the ass. Leave it to Drumcell to get your blood pumping again after we all went on hiatus for 18 months. If you’re the annoying guy constantly screaming “Come on! Let’s go!” we hear you.
Dustin Zahn
Pulsating Techno tales from the abyss
His marathon sets are built upon waves of mental workouts and shameless quirky hypnogrooves. For those still standing, embrace the void! See you at the bottom.
Spaced-out minimalistic Techno
Depending on who you ask, some call him Hyper. Some call him Jojo. But to all, he’s a midwest powerhouse that has been a fan-favorite around the world for decades. For us, he’s headlining even when he’s not in the booth.
Marijuana Deathsquads
(Totally Gross)
Honestly, we don’t know
Squads is a revolving supergroup of Minneapolis’ best or worst bands, depending on who you ask. It’s going to be wild, so make sure you bring sunglasses and bail money.
Mor Elian
(Fever AM)
Broken beat-tinged House and Techno excursions
Mor’s quirky and eclectic take on dance music is extremely refreshing. Mixing together elements of breakbeat, house, techno, experimental, and more, her set is sure to be a standout palette-cleanser during the inevitable Techno onslaught.
Patrick Russell
(Bunker NY)
Classic midwest Techno with a twilight-hours twist
The perfect music for when you’re past the point of no return. It’s a safe bet that he’ll be playing the records you don’t own, but wish you did!
Paul Birken Live
(Tonewrecker) *live ambient*
Live Ambient Set
Who needs Eno’s Music for Airports when you’ve got Paul Birken?! Minneapolis’ Gear & Bitcoin expert usually greets us with a hardcore techno face plant, but this time you can expect a much different vibe at chill tent, hosted by The Headspace Collective.
Industrial-Techno reduced to its most raw and sincere elements.
Karl O’Connor is the man behind some of the most timeless no-bullshit techno records ever made. From late 90s tribal nihilism as Regis, to noisy-industrial outings as British Murder Boys, and lush esoteric minimalism as Sandwell District, he’s found a place in nearly every Techno DJ’s collection.
Silent Servant
(Jealous God)
Post-punk tinged Techno for denim-jacket freaks.
He’s taken on numerous forms since the 90s, but notably in the 00s, he helped reshape Techno’s landscape with Sandwell District. Since then, he remains true to a stylish but raw and sincere ethos that encompases everything from Techno to protohouse to mutant beat.
Raw, hard-hitting broken beat Techno
There’s nothing glossy or refined about TML’s unique take on Techno: His tracks are heavy on distortion and funk, while skipping the doom and gloom that’s often close behind. For those who came to rock, TML is your guy.
Bleepy jackin’ Techno and House straight from Los Angeles
We tried finding a Techno DJ that doesn’t own at least one Truncate track and we couldn’t find one. Even the house crowd is all over his catalog! He’s a midwest favorite and if you’re new to the scene, you’re in for a treat.
Uun Live
(Ego Death)
Dark, atmospheric and hypnotic Techno
If bleak, esoteric cyberpunk dreams are your thing, then welcome to the world of Uun. His musical landscape is dark and expansive, but always has some light at the end of the tunnel. Now that we think about it, that kind of sounds like 2021 in a nutshell!
No-holds-barred rave hammer
There’s no point in hiding: 2020 crushed all of us. There are some things that can only be worked out on the dancefloor, and Volvox’s relentlessly demanding Techno may be the cure. Let the purge begin!
Christian James, Heckadecimal LIVE, Lindsey Herbert, Lonefront LIVE, Mike Gervais, Niki Kitz, Private Guy, Ryote, The Redbone Singers, Tunnel
88 Project • Aimerie • Alaya • Alin Denver • Astrolex • AutoClub *live* • Berndt • Cloudy Kid • Cory Simpson • Deci Does • Die/Aspora • DJ Devil Girl • DJ MOM • DJ Nola • Dustmite • Earth • Easyrider w/ MC Brace • Eckblad • Elaine Eos • Elfscape • Elysium Alps • Encounter • erlaab • flower food • Fluffy Tufts • Food Team • Fortune • Fox-E • Geoff K • God's Drugs *live* • Henry Vengeance • Hyperkarma • Icarus Redux • James Patrick *live* • Jobot • Jocko • Julian Rivera *live* • Kevin James • Khadija • Kitty Split • Krex Pon *live* • Kyle King • Lauryn Lesley • Mad Max • Malion • MamaSauce • Matt Rissi • Max Gardner • Mayland • Medicinall • Michelle Muse • Mika • Mike Derer • Miss Conduct B2b Speakerbitch • Modest • Monostatic • mount curve *live* • Mitchell • Piledriver • Jacob Hoffman • Neil Fox • Patrick Blin • Paul Chang • ~~ (tildetilde) • Proppa Papa • Ron S • Salty Owl • Sari Postol • Scott Microbot • Sasha B Ware • Sharlese Metcalf • Symmetry • TechnoKlub *live* • Tek Nikk *live* • The Hermit • Web of Deception • XEXYZ • Zoe Eckblad
Unfortunately, Carl Craig has informed us he has to pull out of The Great Beyond due to a scheduling conflict on his part. He has officially responded with this message:
"Heyheyhey. Due to a scheduling conflict, I shall not be able to play The Great Beyond festival on 31 July. I look forward to hanging with my MN brothers and sisters next year. Be safe, stay healthy&beautiful." -Carl Craig